To forgive or not to. That is the question

5 Dec


Today, I am going to be talking about a topic that in my view is central to the Christian faith but yet seems somewhat difficult to walk in. This topic is forgiveness. The Bible is clear on the importance of forgiveness but why is it that believers struggle so much with forgiveness. You see it’s easy to forgive someone when the hurt is not much take for instance someone calling you names but in instances where a person cheats or betrays one’s trust, how easy is it then to forgive. In even more severe cases like sexual abuse and murder, is it truly possible to forgive? When Pastors preach about this topic in church, they make it seem as simple as abc, but is it really that simplistic.  I believe that it takes a level of grace to forgive. This is because it is God’s grace that enables a man to look past the hurt/offence he has experienced.

Can one really forgive and forget? Yes, it is possible. I remember one time when I was offended with someone only to wake up one day and have no recollection whatsoever about what the person did lolz. I realised then that I had truly forgiven the person because I wasn’t holding that against the person.  At times, it is possible to still have a recollection of what an offender did in our subconscious but as long as there is no hurt, grudge or hard feelings, it is safe to say one has forgiven the individual.  Sometimes having a memory of the past is good so that we can apply more wisdom in the future. For example, if a friend betrays one’s trust, it is important to forgive that friend but it would be foolishness to put oneself in a position to repeatedly get hurt from that friend. Essentially, if an offender shows no sign of genuine repentance, the sensible thing to do is to apply wisdom in dealing with such a fellow.

We tend to find it hard to forgive because we the offended feel we are doing the offender a favour by forgiving them. Au contraire, we are doing our own selves the favour. You see when you forgive someone, it profits you – the offended more than the offender because you are releasing that person. Let me illustrate this with an analogy. Picture a bird that lives in a cage. No matter how well the bird owners take care of that bird, it will never be happy because of the environment it is living in. It is only when that bird is set free that it will be able to fulfil its purpose. In other words, unforgiveness is living in a cage while forgiveness is being set free and allowed to fly like a birdie. When you do not forgive someone, all your thoughts are focused on that person 24/7. You have sleepless nights over this person, you even begin to harbour malice and living this way is not healthy.  What is funny is that the person one is offended with may be having the time of their lives whereas you the offended are drowning in sorrow.

Some people may not even ask for forgiveness or even acknowledge their offence, forgive them all the same. Why? Because the offended has more to lose than the offender. The bible says unforgiveness is a hindrance to answered prayers. Thus, it is so important to ensure that we settle any scores with any brother or sister before coming to God in prayers. If Jesus could endure all the hardship on the cross and could still forgive those that nailed Him there, indeed we must find inner strength to forgive as well. I would like to emphasize that sometimes forgiveness may not be an instant thing, it may be a gradual progression particularly if the hurt is very great. As God is healing the wounds, the forgiveness begins to take effect gradually until one has completely forgiven the person.

The Lord will surely give us the grace to forgive completely. Just be sincere, and ask Him to help you if you are battling with unforgiveness.

What are your thoughts on this topic folks? Have you found yourself in a situation where it was so difficult to forgive?

Would love to hear from you.

Loving thoughts


Rekindling the flame

4 Dec

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and anyone that has being in love would attest to that. There comes a time though in relationships when the flame needs to be rekindled. That is not to say that one has falling out of love with an individual rather the pressures of life could lead to one’s relationship taking the back seat; resulting in a need to rekindle the flame. I would like to relate this to our relationship with Christ. When one newly gives their life to Christ, it feels amazing; there is this zeal to serve Him and to dwell continually in His presence. Life though has a way of bringing challenging situations our way that question our faith. In addition, it’s easy to get distracted with other things- work, family, TV, internet. This tends to have a negative effect on our relationship with God.

Trust me, I am talking from experience. Lately, I have had to re-evaluate my walk with God and realised that I am not where I ought to be. In fact, I should be doing a lot more for the kingdom. The issue was my devotion to Him had reduced. I could spend hours on the internet social networking or you-tubing whereas I was barely spending 30 minutes with God. I definitely knew something had to be done. It wasn’t like I loved God less, I just wasn’t given Him first priority. So, I decided that I needed to rekindle my relationship. I needed to get back in tune with my maker. I thank God I am retracing my steps and getting back on track.

What I love the most about God is that He is faithful even when we are unfaithful. He is always there waiting to pick us up when we fall. All He desires from us is to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us. You might be wondering how to rekindle this love. Well, there are various ways to do this. One could sing praises to Him, spend quality time in His presence, Witness to others about Him, Write Love notes to Him, listen to up-lifting music, Fellowship with other brethren or just read a book that edifies one’s spirit. Essentially, rekindling a relationship is basically doing things to keep the heart beating for the one you love. It’s nurturing that relationship so that the love continues to grow and keeping that spark/connection alive.

You see our relationship with God can be likened to a garden. If a garden is not well tended to, it would not thrive; it would be full of weeds. We need to nurture our relationship so that our plants can grow and bear fruit. The result is that we receive a bountiful harvest. A man’s spiritual life is so crucial as it has the potential to affect every other facet of his life. Indeed, if one has a healthy spiritual life, it would cause other areas of a man’s life to thrive

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to hear from you. Have you experienced dry spells in your relationship with God? How did you deal with it? How do you keep the flame burning for God?

Loving thoughts,


Where is the love

17 Feb

I have been meaning to talk about this topic for a while now but I feel now the time is right. I am an avid follower of Bella Naija and I do comment from time to time. It always amazes me when I read some people’s comments particularly on feature articles about a budding entrepreneur or someone doing well at something. Some comments are just so negative and unnecessary. I read things like ‘Oh, I can do better’ or jealous remarks and I just shake my head. It is amazing that so many people want to be elevated yet they fail to celebrate the successes of others. Yes, one could be a better singer than another person or could even be better at designing clothes but that does not give one the right to put the other person down. It is all about favour and God’s grace. Rather than moaning and complaining, ask God to bless the works of your hands. Really, I wonder where the love is.

I was on twitter yesterday and was appalled to read someone’s tweet about a deceased musician. I mean what is this world turning to. There is simply no respect for the dead these days. We live in a world where people feel they have the right to judge you, where people are quick to criticize and point out our weaknesses before your strengths. Whatever happened to love. Let us emulate Master Jesus who opened  His arms and was accepting to the woman which others condemned. Let us remove the speck in our own eyes before complaining about the log in another fellow’s eye. Let us be genuine.

Spread the love folks. All some people need is just a text to encourage them, a hug or even a smile. Love is giving. God is LOVE

God bless,

The motive is the essence

16 Nov

This article was inspired by a post I saw on facebook asking whether it was right for a Man of God to own a private jet. One of the people interviewed said that Jesus did not even own a bicycle, that He used to trek everwhere. I would just like to express my own view on the matter.

The fact that Jesus used to trek does not mean He was poor or He couldn’t afford another means of transportation. It is important to understand the era when Jesus was on earth. Animals were mostly used as means of transportation, the plane wasn’t invented at that time, there were no cars at that time . Jesus used a donkey, a boat, and walked by foot for most of the time. You see He was an Evangelist and He knew the best strategy to use to win souls into the Kingdom. Jesus had an assignment and He made sure He fulfilled it.

Owning a private jet is not the issue, rather it is the motive behind the jet that is important. You see God searches deeper within; He looks at the heart unlike man who is more interested in the physical. If a Pastor has acquired a private jet because He does a lot of travelling and there’s a need for it to further the Kingdom of God, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It only becomes wrong if the jet has become an item for show. As a pastor, your members or brethren should be inspired or drawn to your ministry and calling rather than your material possessions. If your members talk more about your material possessions than your anointing, there is a big problem. The challenge is not to let one’s material possessions be a stumbling block.

The Word says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added unto you”.

An action may seem right, but if the motive behind that action is wrong, God is not pleased. This can be likened to even the seemingly trivial things. If one is going to church just to show off one’s latest clothes or catch the eye of an attractive brother or sister, there is a problem. If you are giving to a charity just to look good or to seem like a ‘philanthropist’, you are only deceiving yourself. God can see behind all the facade. To buttress this point, this scripture comes to mind:
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Corinthians 13:3)
It is indeed an eye-opening scripture that  shows that one can do seemingly loving deeds without even having love. It’s important as Christians to evaluate the decisions we make to see what is actually driving those decisions. Is it to glorify ourselves or to glorify God?

Would love to hear your views and opinions on this matter

God help us all.
Loads of love,

Naaman Revisited

10 Nov

The story of Naaman is quite a popular one. It’s about a high-ranked Captain who had everything going for him except that He had leprosy. There are certain lessons that can be learnt from this story and I am going to elaborate on them.

You can refer to 2nd Kings Chapter 5 to get the full gist of the story if you are not familiar with it

Lesson 1

Be kind to those that work for you

Show kindness to those that work for you and do not look down on them because they just might be connected to your breakthrough. I want to believe that because of the love shown by Naaman’s wife, the maid was compelled to find a solution to Her Master’s predicament. Do not look down on someone or disregard a fellow just because he/she is holding a lower position. You don’t know how God can use that person to be a blessing. I am certain if Naaman’s wife used to treat that little maid unfairly, even if she knew of a prophet that could serve as a vessel for Naaman’s healing , she would have kept it to herself.

Lesson 2

Obedience is key

Without obedience, it is difficult to receive from God. As Christians, we need to obey God even when what He asks of us does not seem logical. The truth is the way God works is too difficult for our brains to comprehend. Naaman expected that his deliverance would come by Elisha laying  hands on Him but God had a better plan. I find it rather interesting  that the prophet Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naaman that His healing would come by him dipping himself seven times in the Jordan River. There was something significant about the Jordan River. Naaman expected to dip himself in a goodly river like the rivers of Damascus but God wanted Him to get His deliverance from the Jordan River. I believe that God was not only testing Naaman’s obedience but also his humility. Picture a Captain dressed in fine apparel bathing in a dirty river. It is not akin to his title. Although Naaman initially declined, he later obeyed the Prophet and did as He was told and He received his deliverance. We have to understand that God does not think as man thinketh; as such we need to stop putting God in a box and expecting him to do things our own way.

Lesson 3

Do not be greedy

After Naaman got His healing, He was so excited that He wanted to thank the man of God by giving Him a gift but Elisha refused. The reason for this is Elisha did not want to take the glory but He wanted all glory to go to to God. Elisha’s servant – Gehazi, on the other hand was not content with this. Gehazi decided to deceive Naaman by requesting for a talent of silver and two changes of garments without Elisha’s knowledge. Because of his deceit, He and his seed were stricken with leprosy for ever. What struck me the most about Gehazi was his lack of wisdom. One would have assumed that by working closely with Elisha, He would have acquired a measure of Elisha’s wisdom but his behaviour showed the contrary. Essentially, one’s closeness with an anointed man or woman does not guarantee one’s salvation. We need to walk out our own salvation. Also, we need to be careful about the decisions we make because they have the potential to affect not only us but our seed.

These are just some lessons I was able to extract from the story. I would love to hear your contributions.

Loads of luv,


I’m Back

10 Nov

Hello folks,
I am sure some of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a long while. Well I did not realise Graduate school would be this intense lolz.
Anyways I am back now and ready to rekindle my love for blogging.

So gear up for some interesting articles,

Joy like a river

28 May

What is Joy?

It’s a feeling of intense contentment and satisfaction that comes from within.
It is a greater degree of happiness. So many people tend to confuse joy with happiness. Happiness is more of a fleeting emotion . It’s possible for one to conceal one’s happiness but it’s almost impossible for one to conceal one’s joy.

Joy is an emotion that bubbles from within and finds its expression outwardly. Most people who appreciate joy the most are the ones that went through a form of trial or challenge before their joy manifested. The best analogy I can use to illustrate this point  is childbirth. When a woman is in labour, she tends to feel quite a lot of pain and discomfort but when the baby comes, it’s like all the pains have disappeared. The mother’s joy knows no bounds.

I remember vividly a woman’s testimony in church about God’s faithfulness. Before She started the testimony, She asked to be allowed to sing a special number and from the way/manner in which She sang, I knew that a giant testimony was coming forth. She said that She had being married for over 15 years and yet there was no fruit. She came for a church program where the pastor was calling out people for prayers in terms of their age-group.  She took a step of faith, walked towards the altar and was ministered to. To God be the glory, The Lord enabled her to conceive with not one but three bundles of joy. This could only have been the Lord’s doing. The lady in question was glowing with joy not happiness. One could see that she must have gone through times of doubt, frustration and shame but God availed for her.

Why is it that people who seem to have all that money can buy are usually the ones that are so down-cast and unhappy. This is because if you don’t have Jesus in your life, your life is empty. It is only Jesus that can give one true joy. Some people tend to look for joy elsewhere by seeking other worldly pleasures like taking drugs or drowning their sorrows with alcohol. These things give one a high for a brief time but when reality bites, the emptiness re-surfaces. During surgeries, anaesthetics are administered to patients to relieve them from pain. Usually when the anaesthetic is given, it causes the area to feel numb making the procedure as pain-free as possible. After a while, the anaesthetic begins to wear off and before long, the patient begins to have feeling in the area the injection was given.

 I liken the effects of anaesthetics with seeking pleasure outside of God; It only provides a temporal relief. It is only God that can cause one to experience joy even when one’s situation is nothing to be joyous about. May the good Lord give us joy unspeakable and full of glory. I know some people I’ve lost their joy because of the loss of a loved one, a set-back or a disappointment, I prophesy that God will send a restoration. Amen

Lest I forget, I want you all to shout a big hallelujah on behalf of me and my family. A beautiful bundle of joy was added to the family. She is indeed a blessing and I thank God for His faithfulness.






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